Company Overview

Company Name Yamagata Koubou Co., Ltd.
October 1973 Began operations as Yamagata Hakushinsha.
Manufactured wooden toys and traditional crafts.
March 1977 Began producing Official Kendama
November 1978 Received request from Japan Kendama Association Chairman Issei Fujiwara.
Became the officially designated Official Kendama factory.
July 1985 At the same time began production of the Official Kendama “Fuji”
January 1990 Began production of Trophy Model 28 and 38
May 1990 Presented the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Cup for Manufacturing
December 1990 Awarded the Japan Kendama Association Manufactures Cup
Nagai City Designated #1 4th Official Kendama production
October 1992 Built new production facility
November 1992 Established Hakushinsha Co., Ltd.
October 2005 Received new official designated Kendama factory certification from Yoshio
Kanai, chairman of the Japan Kendama Association.
The Japan Kendama Association held the 30th Anniversary of the Japan
Kendama Association in Nagai City.
We also held a 30th Anniversary of Kendama production even.
We hosted many related associations from all over Japan at our company.
November 2005 Changed our name from Yamagata Hakushinsha Co., Ltd. to
“Yamagata Koubou Co., Ltd.”
January 2006 Awarded the Japan Kendama Association Cup
April 2008 Began production of “Ozora”
May 2009 Began selling New colors of “Ozora” (Pink and Light Blue)
November 2009 Began selling large size Kendama “Taiyou”
September 2013, Began production of “Ozora Premium”.
Capitalization 8,000,000 Yen
Description of Business ・Manufacture Japan Kendama Association officially certified Competition Type Kendama

・Manufacture and sale of artistic goods and crafts

・Manufacture and sale of wooden toys and traditional crafts
Address 6493-2 Teraizumi, Nagai-shi, Yamagata 993-0061, Japan
Tel: +81-238-84-6062 Fax: +81-238-84-6061