Yamagata Koubou Co., Ltd Nature's bountry, The beauty of wood Tradition and Modern Technique Official Kendama“Ozora”



We disseminate the Japanese traditional culture "Kendama" to the world from the produce erea of Yamagata .

Kendama is a traditional popular Japanese toy innovated over decades and almost everyone played once.It is famous with the Japanese played by all generations and has become a part of Japanese culture.

The Official Nintei-Kendama is a type of Kendama which is used to take rank-qualifying examinations and allowing the player to compete in official competitions around Japan.Because the culture of "Kendama-do" has a system for the players to develop their own skills from beginner to professional, we would like many people to practice Kendama from the basics and develop their own skills.

To disseminate this Japanese cool traditional "Kendama" culture to the world, we have been sending information by taking manufacturing safety certifications from overseas and making presentations at international exhibitions.We offer the Kendama culture that is loved by players of every generation from many countries , and offer genuine Kendama to the world that have been crafted by Japanese skilled craftsmen.

Perfectionism for making domestic official Nintei-Kendama.

Yamagata Kobo has more than 40 years experience in crafting the official Kendama.

Our aim is to make genuine Kendama utilizing the very best of Japanese skilled craftsmen.Each Kendama is carefully crafted to be of the very best quality and accuracy for official Kendama competitions to allow players to get the very best out of their own skills in performing as many Waza as they can.Yamagata Kobo has been chosen for many years by JKA(Japan Kendama Association) as one of the official manufactures of Nintei-Kendama, and is also certified as the biggest Nintei-Kendama manufacturer in Japan.

The Founder of Yamagata Kobo, Yosaburo Suzuki introduced our company slogan “Natures Blessing, The Beauty of Wood, Traditional and Modern Skills.”Our aim is to utilize the best use of the locally sourced materials and show our gratitude for nature's blessings.The slogan is to represent our continue work ethic for making enjoyable products respecting tradition and utilizing up-to date modern techniques.

We will continue putting our efforts into spreading this cool Japanese traditional "Kendama" culture by crafting the very best Kendama.

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